With over 50,000 creators on FameBit we can assure you that there are creators on our platform for almost every type of brand, product or service. Here are some tips to make sure you are attracting the right creator proposals for your campaign.


The best campaign titles introduce the brand/product quickly and provide a bit of insight to the creator on what you are looking for. For example — Love with Food Unboxing for February, X-Mercs Game Walkthrough On iPad, HairFleek Hair Extension Tutorial, ScoreBig is Looking for Sports Fans.

These titles make it easy for a creator to get a sense of who you are and what you want from your campaign. In other words, the goal for your campaign title should be to get a creator to click “details” so they read more about the opportunity and send you a proposal.


Ever heard the saying “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”?, well on FameBit, it’s worth a million! It's crucial that you take the time to put your best face forward. creators put a lot of time and effort to provide top quality production and want to collaborate with brands who understand the power of that quality. Essentially, your photo is the creator's first impression of your brand so make it count because they only want to share the best with their followers and subscribers. A quality photo will help you stand out and give you a better chance to get noticed and to receive a detailed and quality proposal.

Tips On Campaign Photos

  • Photos > Logos. It's always best to use a product photo over a logo as it typically grabs more attention and tells a better story. Unless you are a recognizable mainstream brand, we'd advise against using your logo as your campaign photo.
  • Clear and Bright. Make sure your image is in focus and that the product can be seen clearly.
  • Show your product in context. If you have a mobile app, take the time to mock it up on an iPhone or Android device. If you have a subscription box show a picture of the box and its contents. Bottom line, paint a clear picture of how your product is used for quick and easy association.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Does this image do a good job of showing what my company or product is about?
  • Will this stand out amongst other sponsorship opportunities?
  • Is this something that represents my brand in the best possible light?


The Campaign Details section is your opportunity to list more specific details about your campaign including information about your product/brand, expectations for the creator and what success looks like to you.

The more specific you can be here the higher quality your proposals will be. In short, don’t make the creators do hours of research just to understand what you are requesting and what your brand is about.  For example, if you only want male YouTubers based in the UK, or Beauty YouTubers with over 5,000 subscribers, spell that out. This is the time to get those details out there.

This is also time to list any specific content requests. 

For example, if you want videos to be dedicated and only include your brand then be sure to spell that out in the campaign details. This way creators will have a clear understanding of the type of content you want created and will be able to explain what they plan to do within those requirements.

Again, the more clear and specific you can get here, the more tailored the proposals will be. No one wants to waste their time writing proposals for which they have no chance of getting hired, and on the flip side, you don't want to spend your time reading through proposals that are not a creative fit. More important than that, you might miss out on collaborating with the creator of your dreams simply because they did not understand what you were asking for.

Best Fiends provides a beautiful example of combing the perfect combination of photo, details, and title. Flawless victory!


The submission deadline is the last date that you will be accepting new proposal from interested creators, it is not the deadline for content to be submitted so please plan accordingly.


Write your campaigns like you are speaking to another human. There is no need for over the top business jargon when writing your campaign. The more human and approachable your writing appears (while using proper spelling and punctuation) the better!

Also be sure that your campaign doesn't just sound like an ad for your product.

In conclusion, you get out what you put in. So make sure to take the time to select a great photo and be clear on what your company does as well as what you are looking for a YouTuber to do. It will only result in higher quality proposals and less time spent clarifying what you meant later.

Good luck! And remember, if you ever get stuck just email support@famebit.com we are always happy to help make your campaign extra awesome.

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