A question we get a lot from brands is “if I have different products or campaign requirements, should I post several campaigns or just post one?”. As a rule of thumb, we suggest launching one campaign and then filtering your proposals to find and hire the perfect creators, however, we know that different campaigns have different needs. Below we cover the most common campaigns and when to post one or several campaigns.


A good rule of thumb when thinking about whether or not to post one or two campaigns is “can the same creator fulfill both campaign needs”. If the answer is yes, then one campaign most likely will suffice.

  • Clothing brand promoting t-shirts and hats. This should be one campaign as the same creator could most likely promote both.
  • Tech company promoting laptop cases and external hard drives. This makes sense to have two different campaigns as they are two entirely different products. 


On FameBit we allow brands to select different suggested budgets for their campaigns. For example, you can select a range of $100 to $250 or $5000 to $10,000. These budgets will, of course, attract different size creators and thus deserve two different campaigns. However, if you are setting budgets of $100 to $250 and $250 to $500 these do not deserve different campaigns as these budgets, for the most part, attract the same creators. It’s important to note that creators can bid above or below these budgets and they are guidelines, not rules for where bids can take place.



If you are looking to attract creators from several different countries, good news you can easily sort incoming proposals by both the creator’s home country as well as their primary audience’s country, in this case, one campaign will do just fine.

Overall, when possible we recommend running one campaign at a time as we’ve put several tools in place that will make it easy for you to sort your proposals based on price, audience location, reach and more. 

If you run into any issues while creating the campaign, please feel free to reach out to our team any time via support@famebit.com or click the little word bubble in the lower right-hand corner. Good luck!

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