Congrats! You’ve registered for a FameBit brand account, now things get exciting. This checklist should help answer any questions about how the process on FameBit works.

  1. Create a new campaign by clicking “Create Campaign” on the top left of your admin panel. Select the social media channels you want to promote your brand on and add details for your campaign. For more information on what to include in your Campaign Details we recommend reading this article.
  2. After creating your campaign it will be sent to FameBit for approval. Once it is approved it will be shared with our network of influencers. Approval typically takes 1-3 business days.
  3. After campaign approval, you can expect to see proposals within a few hours!
  4. Review proposals, stats and proposed costs from creators. From there select and hire the creators you want to work with.
  5. Fund proposal offers to activate workrooms -- Without funding the proposal the creator can not begin their work. Remember all funds are held in escrow and are only released to the creator once you’ve approved their final content.
  6. Send bullet points or video brief to creator before work begins. The more detailed you can be the better. Remember you’re not looking for a commercial but rather organic content created from the creator.
  7. Ship product to creators -- If your campaign includes a product box it up and ship it off.
  8. Wait for content to be produced -- Depending on the timeline you and the creator have agreed to the creator will produce their content and post it privately to the FameBit workroom.
  9. Upon receiving content you can approve, or ask for edits.
  10. Approved content is published live to the internet and payment is then released to the creator typically within 48 hours.

If you follow the checklist, this will ensure a successfully ran campaign! 

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