Private campaigns are campaigns that are intended only for select creators. These campaigns are not published to our creator's sponsorship feed and thus you will not receive any proposals unless you have invited an influencer to take part in that campaign.


There are three ways you can create and invite an creator to a private campaign.

Private Campaign by Re-Hiring an Creator

Click Create Campaign then choose which channels you want to create the campaign for. In the next window, you will see the option to either select a Public or Private Campaign. Select Private. Please note that all Private Campaigns are also reviewed by FameBit staff before being approved. So if you create a Private Campaign and invite a creator those invites will be queued up until your campaign has been approved.

Creator Search

Using the same approach as outlined about you can create a Private Campaign and invite influencers to it by first clicking the Creators link in your FameBit dashboard. From there you can search for influencers that match your campaign goals and then create and invite them to a private campaign as shown above.

Creator Public Profile

Each FameBit creator also has a public profile page that is accessible without having to have a FameBit account. On this page simply click the Hire Me button and repeat the process outlined above. Please note that if you do not have a FameBit account and click Hire Me you will be asked to create a new account.


Lastly, please note that you can not currently create a private account by clicking the Create Campaign button at the top of your dashboard. You must create a Private Campaign by one of the three methods outlined in this article.

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