Congrats you’ve launched your first campaign on FameBit! Now the real fun begins.

To make sure your campaign is a success we’ve put together some tips and advice for making sure everything goes off without a hitch.


Once a campaign is approved, creators who are interested in your sponsorship will submit proposals to work with your brand.  A proposal is a way for a creator to show they are interested in working with your brand. Often times you will see proposals from creator to work with you within minutes of your campaign going live!


All proposals include four key pieces of information; price, delivery date, channel stats and further details on what the creator is proposing to do in their content to promote your brand.

If you still need more information about the creator before making a decision simply click their profile image and you will be brought to their FameBit profile. This profile lists their most recent content and more analytics into their channel’s audience age and location.


After viewing a proposal you have three options; accept, decline or request changes.


Once you have found your perfect match simply click Accept. Once this happens we will ask you to fund the campaign. It’s important to note that we collect funds at this point and hold them in escrow. This ensures that if for some reason the creator does not deliver on their proposal we can refund you. Funds are only delivered to the creator after you have accepted their video.

After funding the proposal the creator will be notified and a workroom will open up where you can speak directly with the creator. The workroom is where you can ask any further questions, get the creator's address for sending product and touch base on anything else needed for a successful campaign.


If for some reason a creator isn’t a fit for your campaign simply click decline. At this point, we will move the proposal into your declined filter and we will also do the same for the creator. No hard feelings, creators much rather know they have been declined rather than float in limbo.


If you have questions or want to request changes to the proposal that isn't a problem. Simply click Request Changes and you can shoot the creator a message with the changes. At this point, they will have the option to accept, reject or ask questions back.


Remember you can hire as many creators as you’d like! So hire away. We also recommend keeping conversations on the platform so you can track everything in one place.  

As always if you have any questions or need help feel free to reach us at

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