Ready to land paid sponsorships for your social media channels? In this article we will cover the step-by-step process to make sure you're a pro.


As a Creator you can send a proposal to a brand for any or all social channels you have connected to your FameBit account. In the example photo, this creator only has YouTube currently connected meaning they will only be able to send a proposal for that channel. If you have over 5,000 subscribers or followers on a channel that a brand is looking for just click that channel to connect it.

Need help on fees?  Click here for tips on calculating your YouTube asking fee!


The completion date is the day you are proposing to the brand that you will complete content creation. Make sure to give yourself enough time to do a great job while also trying to get content in as quickly to the brand as possible.



Think of the proposal details as a very short resume.  Be brief and explain what you will offer if you were hired.  Having a great proposal makes all the difference between if you are someone else gets hired. For more tips on writing your proposal please check out this article.

Once everything has been completed, go ahead and send your proposal!  We wish you good luck and hope you land a big one!

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