FameBit was created to make it extremely easy for creators and brands to connect and work together on amazing branded content. For creators, this means getting to work with brands they already love and having the opportunity to test out and introduce their audiences to new products and services. Let’s get you started.


After signing up for a FameBit account you can immediately browse all available paid sponsorship opportunities by clicking the Sponsorships link on the left-hand side of your dashboard. From the sponsorships feed you can quickly sort opportunities by both category and social media channel.

Each sponsorship card will include:

  • Content Budget:  This is the price range the brand is looking to pay for each piece of content they hire for. You can bid above or below this range.
  • Submission Deadline: This is the last day that the brand will be accepting creator proposals.
  • Social Media Channels: Depending on what social media channel the brand is looking to receive branded content for,, you will see a corresponding social media icon for those channels. Please note that you are able to only send in proposals for social media channels you have connected on FameBit.
  • Campaign Details: This gives you a bit of insight into what the brand is looking for. Click the Details button to read the full campaign details.


Once you have found a sponsorship that you are excited about click the Send Proposal button.

Your Proposal will include:

  • Your Fee: This is the compensation that you would like to receive from the brand for creating content as well as sharing it with your audience.
  • Delivery Date: Projected date by which you will deliver content if hired.
  • Expiry Date: If you’d like your proposal to expire on a specific date, you can choose that here.
  • Proposal Details: This is your chance to convey your creative idea for working with the brand and any details on why you think you’re a great fit for the brand.


Congrats! You’ve sent your first proposal. We will notify the brand of your interest and from there they will be able to view your proposal along with your most recent social media stats which are pulled in automatically by FameBit.

If the brand accepts your proposal, you will be notified via email along with a link to a private FameBit workroom where you can communicate directly with the brand. If your proposal is declined by the brand you will be able to view that under the Declined filter in your dashboard but an email will not be sent.


Once your proposal has been accepted, you will be notified that the brand has funded the campaign and that money is being held for you in escrow. FameBit understands that creating amazing branded content takes a lot of planning, time and effort which is why we require every brand to fund production up front. We want creators to have the security and peace of mind that compensation will be available to them once they fulfill the requirements of the campaign and create branded content that satisfy the brand’s Talking Points or guidelines.

Once you are hired, a workroom will then open up which allows you to communicate directly with the brand. Think of the workroom as your communication hub. This will be the place you go to communicate directly with the brand, ask questions, receive talking points, as well as submit your created content for review and approval. The workroom also contains information such as the agreed upon hire price, content deadline and tracking for how the campaign performs.

If the brand is shipping you products for the feature, use the FameBit workroom to communicate your shipping detail with the brand. If you haven’t provided an idea for the content in the proposal, be sure to discuss different ideas and options in the workroom. We recommend for you to take initiative and present a number of ideas to the brand that they can sift through. Giving multiple ideas will keep the ball is your court, allowing you to maintain a lot of creative control throughout the process.

Once an idea has been agreed upon, provide as much information about the feature as you can such as the length of time the brand’s product(s)/service will be featured for, and whether they will have a dedicated video or be integrated towards the beginning, middle or end of your video. If you are filming a Haul, Favorites or Lookbook and potentially planning to include other brands in your video, be sure to let the brand know upfront. The more information that you can provide in the workroom, the more likely you are to get the content approved quickly once it is submitted for the brands review. Also, please ensure to review any campaign briefs and talking points that the brand might provide to outline the value of their brand, provide details about how their product works and what features they would like you to mention.


Once your content is completed, it is required that you submit the content or unlisted link of the content for the brand’s review and approval. Note that your content cannot be published without the brand’s approval, and your content cannot be modified by you once it is approved. Do remember that the brand is paying for the content and might need to request reasonable edits to ensure that their brand, product(s)/service is represented as they had expected. Be professional and flexible to make changes if needed, and be flexible with your publishing deadline in case the publishing date needs to gets pushed back. Please note that going live without approval will jeopardize your ability to receive payment. Additionally, once approved, content must remain live on your channel for a minimum of 6 months.


FameBit takes pride in making sure creators get paid quickly for the work they do. As soon as a brand clicks Approve on submitted content, FameBit releases payment to the creators via their preferred payout option within 1 to 5 business days. Payout options are listed in the creator dashboard and include, PayPal, ACH Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer and check. Please check your FameBit admin panel to ensure that all your payment information is filled out and up to date. For more information on payments please view this article.

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