We pride ourselves on getting our Creators paid quicker than anyone else in the business.

To make sure that we can pay you as quickly as possible please be sure to fill in your Payment Info in your FameBit admin panel. 

Depending on the country you live in you will see different payout options. For example in the US, you can receive payments via PayPal, Direct Deposit, Check and Wire Transfer. Please note that each payout method comes with different fees, (or no fees) as well as different speeds of payment.


Please note that payments are processed at the end of each business day, Monday through Friday.

ACH / DIRECT DEPOSIT (recommended payment method)

  • No transaction fee
  • No minimum payment threshold.
  • Payments typically take 2-5 business days to arrive in your checking or savings account after your content has been approved. 


  • No minimum payment threshold.
  • PayPal transaction and withdrawal fees apply.
  • Please review fees at www.paypal.com.
  • Payments typically arrive within your 1-5 business days after your content has been approved.

Check (not available for international payments)

  • No minimum payment threshold.
  • Transaction Fee: $6.00 per check, plus 2.5% Currency conversion fee may apply.
  • Please allow up to 15 business days for your check to arrive
  • Checks are for deposit only and cannot be transferred.
  • Checks are sent by mail to the address listed in your payment settings.

Wire Transfer

  • $100 minimum payment threshold must be met before payments will be sent.
  • $15 transaction fee.
  • Payments typically take 1 business day to arrive in your checking or savings account after your content has been approved
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