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Two ways to earn points:

  • Sponsorship Hires: For every dollar you earn on the platform, one point is added to your FameBit account. For example, if you're hired for $500 we will add 500 points to your account.  The more sponsorships you land the more points you earn!
  • Creator Referrals:  For every creator that you refer to FameBit that signs up, you’ll be awarded 200 points!

Tips for referring influencers:

  • In your admin panel click the drop-down on the top left of the page. From there you will see “Invite Friends”. Click that to snag your FameBit referral URL.
  • Share this link via your social media channels and be sure to include it in any of your social media bios. Other ideas; your YouTube about section, description box of your video, blog, etc.  The more places the more chances to earn points.

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