We completely understand that both brands and creators can get overwhelmed from time to time. Typically when this happens communication can be a bit slow which can be frustrating for either party involved.

The good news is that silence is typically temporary but if you are having a hard time reaching someone here are some tips.


As mentioned both brands and creators can get behind which can result in sporadic communication. If you are having a hard time connecting simply send another friendly message via the Workroom. Sending a follow-up message in the FameBit workroom also sends the other party an email notification which is often enough to get the conversation rolling again.


If you haven't heard from that party in a few days and deadlines are approaching please feel free to email support@famebit.com. Be sure to include the name of the creator or brand, campaign title and any other details you may have that could help process your question. We're more than happy to reach out and get to the bottom of what's going on.

Typically when we reach out we can get a very quick response and get everything back on track.

In the rare instance that a brand or creator goes MIA we will work to find a fair solution for both parties whether that be canceling, refunding the brand or paying the creator. We look at each case individually to make sure that both parties are treated fairly.

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