There are several ways that you can check to see if your proposal offer was accepted, declined, or marked otherwise after you send them to campaigns.  This will be located in your Home page, not the Messaging page.  

Acceptance Email that you've been hired - If you receive an email notification from FameBit that your proposal was accepted, that’s great!  A sponsor has accepted your proposal offer and you need to wait for a new email from us notifying you that your proposal was Funded.

Proposal Sent  - For any proposals that have not been accepted or declined, you can view them within the Proposal Sent Folder in your dashboard.

Declined - If your proposal offer was declined, you will not receive an email notification.  However, these proposals will be listed under Declined in your dashboard.

Proposal Expired - If you have set an expiration date for your proposal and that date arrives before your proposal has been accepted or declined, you will find your proposal under the Proposal Expired folder.

Proposal Canceled - If your proposal offer was accepted and then it was canceled.  

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