Instagram & Facebook made changes to their third-party API policies that affect how creators on FameBit connect their accounts and work with brands on Instagram and Facebook opportunities. The good news is, that for FameBit creators who have already connected their Instagram and or Facebook account, nothing changes, in that you can still continue to send brands proposal for Instagram and Facebook opportunities as per usual. You won't be able to reconnect Instagram or Facebook if you remove it, preventing you from sending proposal offers to campaigns for these platforms.

For FameBit creators who do not already have an Instagram or Facebook account connected to FameBit, unfortunately, this is no longer an option. 

To work around this, you can include your Instagram and Facebook link in your proposal offer. 

For example, if you are a YouTuber, you can offer an additional Instagram post when you send your proposal to the brand and include your Instagram fee in the overall fee that you set for the campaign.  Same for Facebook.

Example proposal including Instagram

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