At FameBit it is our mission to directly connect creators and brands by keeping things as simple as possible while also delivering the most value for both brands and creators. With that in mind, it is completely free to sign up and post campaigns or send proposals on FameBit! No contracts, monthly charges or long-term commitments. FameBit only charges when a brand hires a creator, it's that simple.


FameBit charges a 10% fee when hiring an influencer. For example, if you hire a YouTuber for $100, the actual charge upon the completed campaign will be $110. 


FameBit charges 10% upon completion and brand approval of your content. For example, if you bid $100 for a campaign, FameBit will pay you $90 once your submitted content has been approved by the brand. This does not include any PayPal or credit card processing fees.


When a brand hires a creator funds are automatically held in escrow with FameBit and is only released once the content has been submitted and approved by the brand. This protects both parties involved as we can be sure that creators get paid for the work they do and brands get the content they expect.

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