Adhering to FTC Guidelines is an extremely important part of doing any paid sponsorship post. That said, FTC guidelines can be confusing. Here are some best practices along with a direct link to the most up-to-date guidelines we have prepared to assist you.

Please also see our in-depth Creator and Brand articles on FTC guidelines and disclosures.

FTC Guidelines for Brands

FTC Guidelines for Creators

As guidelines often do change please be sure to visit the official FTC website for the most up to date guidelines. 

Helpful FTC Rules & Guideline Links:


  • Be clear and upfront with your audience. Never try and hide the fact that a video was sponsored. The more upfront and clear you can be the better. Our FTC Guidelines for Brands and FTC Guidelines for Creators include suggested disclosures that we recommend that you use.
  • Video Sponsorships: If you are posting a video you must state to your audience if you were paid by a company to talk about their product. Please do this at the beginning of your video. Simply including a link or a reference in your description is not enough, although it’s great practice to include that information there as well.
  • Text Sponsorships: When posting on channels such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram be sure to tags such as #ad, #sponsored, or #promotion at the beginning of every post.  Consider if the disclosure will be visible to the consumer without scrolling down, including on mobile devices.

Under the FTC guidelines, all content that creators and brands collaborate on to produce through FameBit’s platform requires disclosure. The more clear and transparent you can be, the better.  Assuring that a disclosure is present is your responsibility.  For users of our VIP Curation service, we will also check to confirm that a disclosure has been made before releasing the content.  Please review our articles for more details on this process.

This article is not meant to be all-inclusive and we may update our suggestions and guidelines from time to time. We also urge you to periodically visit the FTC Website

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