FameBit's platform is designed for you to manage your campaigns the way you want it.  You control every aspect from finding the creators to tracking the content.  We've put together our best tips for you to perform your best and get the conversion other sites cannot deliver.

 TITLE - The title is key. This should be short, and target the demo or country you need.  Examples include, "USA/Canada Influencers for hottest new app on iOS!" or "Calling ALL South American & Asian Country Creators!  We need to promote our new curling iron!"

DESCRIPTION - In the first lines of this box, you should express again what country creators or demo you want.  This is going to help you attract creators that meets this requirement.  You will get less proposal offers from creators that do not meet this if they see you strongly emphasize this throughout.  

We recommend that you also include:

  • A brief intro of your brand and campaign vision.
  • What you require the creator to do, the expected turnaround date for the creator to submit work, and date for content to go live.
  • The creator's audience country.
  • If you need more than one piece of content.  
  • If you need to use the content for your marketing (you'll need the creator's permission).
  • If you will send a contract or NDA.
  • More opportunities for payment on top of being hired.
  • Links, coupons, hashtags, and sites for description boxes.
  • Budget range that you're comfortable with paying per creator.

We hope that these tips were helpful.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know.  We're here to help.  You can contact us at support@famebit.com.  

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