You may have received an email from support about a workroom being canceled once or twice, and pretty much left it at that.  While we hate to see a sponsorship halfway completed, we refund brands at their request at any stage in the workroom.  Here's what you need to know when you receive a cancelation message.

3 Strikes, Yikes!
You've received 3 cancelation emails from FameBit within 6 months.  What this means is on the 4th cancelation message, you will receive a final warning for account usages.  The 5th cancelation message constitutes to a permanent ban to your FameBit account.  

Most brands have a schedule they align with when hiring creators.  If a creator has an outstanding number of refunds/cancelation, this takes away opportunities for other creators that are willing to meet time and schedule requirements.  In addition, delaying the brand's marketing campaign. 

If refunds were due to both parties agreeing to leave, this does not count towards this policy.  We review each refund accordingly by case.

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