When running a campaign on FameBit we provide several stats to give you insight into how your campaign is performing. In this article, we breakdown which each of these stats means for your business.


  • Engagement -- Engagement is the total amount of views, likes, comments and shares your content receives.
  • CPE -- Cost-Per-Engagement is simply the amount of money you have spent on your campaign divided by the total amount of engagements your content has received.
  • Clicks -- These are any clicks that occur when an influencer shares your FameBit tracking link. Please note we can not track clicks if you do not use the fbit.co tracking link.
  • CTR -- Click-through-rate is the number of clicks divided by the number of views your content receives. Please note that we can only track views for YouTube, so if your campaign is not using one of those platforms you will see N/A. You can also get more a more in-depth look at how your campaign is performing by clicking into your campaign and then clicking Tracking & Top Content.


Along with a breakdown of Engagement, CPE, CTR and Clicks the Tracking Tab will also give you a look at how your clicks are performing over time, the geography of your clicks as well as which creators are driving the most clicks.


The Top Content Tab provides a detailed breakdown on how each creator you've hired is performing. In this tab we provide the hire price, views, minutes watched, CPV along with how many likes and comments that content drove.


Aside from top level campaign tracking, you can also view how well each creator is performing for your campaign. To view this data simply click into the workroom for the creator you have hired and then click the Tracking Tab.

From there you will be able to get a detailed breakdown on the amount views, minutes watched and clicks over the lifetime of your campaign.

You can also view the geography of the clicks driven by that creator along with the referrers of those clicks.

For the best results in tracking any stats for your FameBit campaigns always make sure that the creators you hire use the provided FameBit tracking link which can be found on the righthand side of the workroom. 

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