April 28, 2020

Since YouTube acquired the branded content marketplace FameBit.com in 2017, we’ve learned a lot about how creators and brands can work together to produce amazing branded content. 

Currently, FameBit offers two services: 

  1. a self service website at FameBit.com that allows creators to independently find brands to work with, submit deal proposals, and complete the campaign 
  2. a full service program where our team of experts proactively matches creators with brands and provides end-to-end campaign management and delivery 

In order to best serve our creators, brands, and viewers, we’re making some changes to FameBit.com to further invest in full service. 

Why FameBit Full Service:

Our focus for the past three years has been on supporting and driving revenue to creators, providing measurable campaigns for brands, and reaching viewers with authentic content - and we’ve built unique, industry-first features within our full service offering to support each of these goals. 

  • On the creator side, we’ve developed insights-based matchmaking tools that allow for equal access to branded content deals for any eligible creator. We’re democratizing the opportunity for a creator to partner with a brand based solely on their effectiveness in reaching and influencing the campaign’s target consumer audience. 
  • For brands, we’ve added new measurement solutions that provide them with real-time campaign results and bring the accountability of online digital advertising to organic branded content. First, Brand Interest Lift measures the impact that a branded content campaign has on consumer search behavior across YouTube and Google, and Influencer Lift measures the impact on consumer purchase intent, brand recall, and much more. Organic View-Through Conversions show how many users who watched the branded content video also bought featured products, or took another conversion action determined by the brand. Through our industry-leading Google insights and tools, we’ve made it possible for brands to measure the true impact and ROI of influencer marketing.
  • Of course, branded content only works if it's authentic and engaging for viewers - so we’ve introduced new features like the shopping shelf and app shelf that allow viewers to buy products and download apps being discussed in creators' videos directly from the watch page. We’ve also introduced new technologies like the AR try-on experience that allow viewers to virtually try on and shop products alongside their favorite creators - pioneering the way that viewers test and shop for products digitally. 

The full service program is working well for creators and brands - we’ve seen that creators earn 30 times more from full service deals than from self service deals, and self service represents only 4% of total FameBit payouts to creators. Brands are also seeing strong results with full service campaigns. Because creators and brands are more successful with our full service program, we’re going to further invest in full service as part of YouTube’s commitment to branded content. 

Interested in Full Service? 

US-Based Eligible creators with over 25K subscribers can sign-up for FameBit Full Service in YouTube Studio. Interested brands should reach out to their Google team to learn more.

Self Service Changes Overview

As we continue to expand and evolve our full service offering, we’ll be closing FameBit’s self service website. 

Starting July 31, 2020, we will no longer offer the self service website and all accounts will be closed. 

We know that change takes adjustment, and are here to support creators during this transition. We will be making a courtesy payment matching the previous 3 months of earnings for creators who have made any money on the self-service website between January 28-April 28, 2020. More payment details below.

Self Service Changes Timeline:

Please Note: Creators must claim any outstanding balances. If you have any pending payments in your account, please be sure to update your payment information to claim your balance. Not sure how to start? Find all your payment questions answered here

As a Reminder: Sponsored content disclosure requirements by the FTC apply to all branded content videos on YouTube, including FameBit. For more information on how you can use the YouTube paid product placement feature for a text disclosure, see here, but note that the FTC also requires verbal disclosures.

Courtesy Payment Information:

  • We are making a one time payment to all creators who have completed FameBit self service deals in the 3 months prior to this announcement. This payment will be equal to the total value of the creator’s self service earnings in the last 3 months, from Jan 28th to April 28th. 
  • Creators will receive an email within 5 business days of this announcement on April 28th if they are eligible for the courtesy payment listed above. 
  • In the meantime, if creators would like to see if they will qualify, they can Navigate to Payment Settings > Hire History. Campaigns with delivery dates between January 28, 2020 00:01 PST - April 27, 2020 23:59 PST are eligible, and the creator will see the corresponding amounts listed in the “Price” column matched in a payout within 60 days.

Thank you for your partnership with FameBit!

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