Q. What is the VIP service?

A. FameBit’s VIP service is the perfect solution for brands, agencies, and fast growing startups who want to do more with YouTube Branded Content and need a full service team. For a small management fee, our team of experts handle everything including, setting strategies and custom packages for content and media, curating custom talent lists, and managing execution, deliverables and amplification of hundreds of branded videos at a time to drive meaningful results.

Q. How does FameBit price its VIP campaigns?

A. FameBit uses a view-based model to price and execute on a campaign based on the number of views earned on the content. 

Q. How much margin does FameBit take as part of VIP campaigns?

A.  FameBit structures its campaigns to pass through a target 70% of the brand fees directly to the Creator as the Creator fee. Based on the Creators chosen, deadlines, brand requests, and other factors, the exact percentage may vary.  FameBit will make final VIP campaign-level fee splits available to participating brands and creators upon request.  

Q. How do I get started?

A. Send your request to support@famebit.com, including your base price, a little about your campaign vision, and anything else you want us to know.

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