If your workroom has been cancelled, you are required to ship the products back.  FameBit will send instructions on the shipping information, and can reimburse you for the postal.  Here are the steps to take care of your returns.

1. Only USPS postal reimbursements will be made.  Any other services will not be reimburse and the creator will be responsible for the postal return.

2. We require a photo or attachment of the receipt with tracking numbers.
3. You have within 2 weeks from the date we sent instructions to submit a reimbursement receipt.  Otherwise if it's past 2 weeks, the creator is responsible for postal.
4. Reimbursements will not exceed $50.  If your postal is higher than $50, FameBit is only responsible for covering the maximum amount and the creator is responsible for covering the remaining balance.

Your FameBit account will be on hold and you will not have access to it until you respond with either a receipt or a reason stating why you cannot return this.  We review all cases as they come, so every resolution will not be identical.

Products that creators receive from brands are always in most cases, new, 100% unused, unopened.  Upon returning the shipment, product must be either in brand new condition, or if not new and is opened, an explanation to what happened to
support@famebit.com.  Products sent back in careless, already damaged, or broken conditions are not accepted.   

If the creator fails to respond, this could constitute to a permanent removal of the account.

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