FameBit is a paid only platform and no campaigns are approved for our marketplace if the payment is anything but monetary. 

If you submit a campaign disclosing affiliate or commission (not limited, but all other exchanges as well) as a payment in exchange for content, your campaign will be declined.  

If you have been declined previously and would like to use FameBit to manage your campaign, you must disclose how creators will be paid.  Examples for description corrections are below.

"We're interested in working with 1-2 creators starting at a budget of $75-$150 each hire."

"This campaign requires 1 creator within the budget range of up to $1500 for a dedicated integration for 2 YouTube videos."

"We're a small brand looking to start hires at $50, please bid accordingly"

"We offer a payment of $100 per creator hired, 1 free sample of our product for content integration, 1 give away sample for your subscriber, and 20% affiliate payment for every sale you bring with your personal unique tracking link (affiliate is optional and only offered to those we hired.)"

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