The FameBit Creator Collab tool is one of the best ways to find, connect and collab with other Creators to produce amazing content and grow your social following. This guide goes over the different ways to find and manage your collabs on FameBit.

The Collab section is broken into 4 tabs to help you find, connect, create and manage your collabs -- Available, Requests, Workrooms & Manage.

Collab Tab / Collab Manager

The Collab Manager can be accessed by either clicking the Collab Manager button at the top of your admin panel or by clicking the Manage Tab under Collabs. 

In the Collab Manager, you can set your availability for collabs to either “Yes” or “No”. By selecting “Yes”, you will then appear in the Available Collabs stream and interested creators can send requests to work with you. Also by turning on your availability, you can enter a short description about yourself and any ideas you have surrounding your collab.

Available Tab

The Available Tab lists all Creators that are available to collab. You can sort creators by reach, channel category, creator country and several audience demographics making it extremely easy to find creators to work with.

If you find a Creator you want to work with simply click Request Collab, enter a short note about collabing and press send. If the Creator accepts your collab request we will notify you!

Requests Tab

If your collab availability is set to “Yes” you will start to receive requests from Creators that want to collab with you. In this stream, you can view any notes that a creator has sent you as well as approve or decline any collab requests.

Workroom Tab

Once you approve a collab request or have sent a request that has been approved we will open a workroom for you. The workroom is your message board between yourself and the other collaborator where you can exchange messages, ideas, and get the ball rolling on your collab.

Closing A Collab

If you are the collab creator you will also have the ability to close or open your collab at any time. Closed collabs are still available for chat however, closing your collabs is great practice to keep your collabs organized.

By default, any collabs that have not had any messages posted in 30 days will be auto-closed.

Happy collabing!

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