At FameBit, we make it extremely easy for creators to find and connect with brands on amazing paid sponsorships. Once you've found that perfect opportunity for your channel, the next step is to write the brand a proposal that will land you the gig.

While there is no perfect formula for getting a brand to accept your proposal, we are here to increase the odds by giving you some best practices for writing a proposal that stands out and is ultimately selected.


Simply copying and pasting the same proposal for each campaign doesn’t work on FameBit and the brands will see right through it! The proposals that tend to get the highest acceptance rates are ones that are not only original but also demonstrate a genuine interest in the brand/product/service.

Take the time to learn something about the brand and make sure to customize your proposal to fit their campaign needs. Also, outline why you want to work with them or what peaked your interest. For example, if you’ve used the brand’s product in the past and have been a long time customer, let them know that. Or maybe you’ve been inspired by the brand’s founding story, or have seen fellow creators rave about their products? Including these extra pieces of information and purpose will truly help your proposal stand out amongst the rest as brands are looking to connect with creators who are already fans and who can be their biggest brand champions.

Another point that you can make to show the brand that you’ve done your homework and that you are serious, is to reassure them that you can actually complete and submit content for their review by the desired deadline outlined in their campaign. Very often, brands align campaigns with new product launches or upcoming promotions so knowing that you are committed to delivering content on time can help establish professionalism and trust right from the beginning.


After you've shown that you took the time to learn about the brand and expressed a genuine passion, it’s time to zero in on why you and your channel are a great fit. Here it’s important for you to think about your channel’s vertical, they type of content you produce, your audience breakdown, and whether there is a natural link between the brand’s voice and your voice. What do you have in common? Why will your audience care about this brand?

If the connection is not obvious at first glance, then ensure to spell it out for the brand. For instance, if the brand is a fitness apparel company looking to connect with fitness gurus, and if you are a fashion creator with a passion for health and fitness, let the brand know this as it will help them make the connection.


The most successful proposals almost always include an incredible idea or plan for how the brand will be featured. So ensure to take your proposal a step further and paint a picture on what that engaging content might look like for the brand. Brands love to hear your creative ideas for incorporating their products into your content and taking the guesswork out of a proposal often leads to increasing your chances of getting hired.

Remember, when a brand decides to work with a creator for the first time, it's a bit of a leap of faith. They are trusting you with their product and vision in hopes that you will love their product just as much as they do. So make it as easy as possible for them to envision what their video would look like if they selected you.


The last but equally important aspect of your proposal is setting the right price the fits your needs while matching the brand's expectations. Brands are always looking to spread their budgets as far as possible and get the most bang for their buck. By offering competitive pricing teamed with the tips above, you’ll be sure to have a campaign that stands out amongst the rest. For more information on pricing be sure to read this guide.

While writing a strong campaign proposal can take more time and effort, it’s worth the extra time spent because it can help you get hired. It’s also important to note that you don’t have to write a novel to hit all these points — keep it short and sweet! Above all else, keep your chin up! There isn't an exact science to getting your proposal approved and we've seen several brands go back to their proposal lists weeks and months later and select YouTubers for the second round of their campaign, so keep positive and always look for ways to improve your proposals.

Good luck!

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